Electrical and electronic product CE marking

Before selling any electrical and electronic equipment in Europe, the product must carry a CE mark.

Conforming to Requirements

Electrical and electronic products likely need to conform with a number of legislation, such as the EMC directive, Low Voltage Directive (depending on the voltage) and RoHS. In some cases, when the product includes radio transmitters or receivers (Radio Equipment Directive), the safety requirements of the LVD apply regardless of the voltage range. The Zatisfy experts will work with you through the CE marking process.


If you need assistance obtaining a CE marking for your electrical product, enter your information, and we will reply to you within a day.

Quicker Entry into the EU Market

The Low Voltage Directive and other related legislation ensure that the equipment is safe to use. Our network can expedite the product testing and documentation within the directives and regulations. With our experience, you get the CE mark affixed without unnecessary delays so that you can legally sell in the European Market. 

Send us the specific product information, and we will handle the rest. We ensure that your product and its documentation meet all mandatory requirements.

CE Marking Means Your Electrical and Electronic Products Are Safe

Electrical and electronic equipment must conform to the essential requirements of the relevant directives and regulations. These involve both formal requirements, such as affixing the CE mark in the correct way, and safety requirements, such as removing the risk for electrocution. These are complicated tasks that need to be handled by an experienced and professional team.

Do You Need a CE Mark?

Only products that fall under a CE marking directive are allowed to be CE marked. However, if they do, the CE mark is mandatory. In addition, products that do need a CE mark may require additional certifications.

Contact us if you are uncertain about CE marking for your electrical product.

Compliance Testing

From wireless devices to battery chargers, there is a wide variety of products that must comply. Electrical and electronic products must pass compliance testing. Use our network of certified laboratories to test all your electrical and electronic products.

Complete Project Support

The best place to start the CE marking process is during the product’s design phase. Hire our experts to assist during the design phase. They will reduce the overall time to complete the compliance requirements for CE marking. You will avoid costly delays and retrofitting caused by non-compliant design issues.