CE Marking for Production Lines

Cost effective solutions for multiple machine production lines and conveying systems. Avoid costly delays and post-installation modifications.

Simplified process to CE

Production automation lines such as robots, specialised machines, manufacturing cells, and conveying systems are usually not fully assembled until after delivery to the location. Since the machine may not be functional until integrated into the line, it’s the responsibility of the integrator to CE mark the entire production line, not the manufacturer of the machine. 

The process can be confusing and time-consuming. Imagine spending days understanding the CE requirements, modifications, and certification. Here’s where we can help. From initial planning until start-up, Zatisfy’s experienced team can assist you throughout the entire process of CE marking.


Consult with us first before designing or installing a production line anywhere in the EU. Fill up your information below, and we will get back to you within a day.

Cost-effective CE marking

Machines in production lines are different from that of stand-alone equipment. According to the Machinery Directive, partially completed machines cannot carry a CE Mark. However, once integrated into the production line, the entire line must have a CE mark and the safety of the integration between the machinery must be assessed. 

At Zatisfy, we can ensure that all equipment meets the CE Marking Machine Directive standards, including safety for each piece of equipment before and after installation.

We do the work to get your production line CE marked

There is a great deal of planning, documentation, and testing required for CE marking approval. Whether you produce equipment, PPE, food products, toys, or other goods, let’s discuss your project to avoid unnecessary delays or expenses.

Project management

Seeking our advice before purchasing the first piece of equipment can minimize stress, save time and money. We’ll help you manage the project from planning the layout, finding the best equipment for your purposes, and organising all the necessary documentation. ​

From the Declaration of Conformity to the User Manual, proper record-keeping is essential to obtaining a CE mark and doing business in the EU.

Risk assessment

The final CE marking indicates who manufactured the machine and who is responsible for it. Regulators focus on the safety of the people using the machines rather than the manufacturers. Zatisfy can help supply the training and documentation for assembly, modifications, integrations, and use to mitigate the risk to the owners.

Reduce costs

The Zatisfy team can ensure that all equipment meets the Machine Directive standards for CE marking and safety for each piece of equipment before and after installation. To save time, cost, and frustration, consult with us before designing or importing equipment for a production line.


If you need assistance obtaining a CE marking for your product, leave your email, and we will get in touch with you within a day.

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