CE Marking for Construction Products

CE marking is essential for selling certain construction products within the EU market. What makes compliance different for CE marked construction products is that you must determine which Assessment and Verification of Consistency of Performance (AVCP) system apply to the product.

Three Benefits To Partner with Us

First 1), our team can accelerate the compliance process of your construction products for CE marking. 

Second 2), you can work with us on short notice. With our extensive network, we can meet most deadlines. 

Third 3), we guarantee our work and that you will receive a CE mark as planned.

We can manage the entire CE marking process from beginning to end.


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Reduce The Stress of CE Marking

It’s easy to get frustrated when CE marking a new construction product. Product testing can be meticulous with a lot of documentation. The goal is to ensure that all building products entering the EU meet their required performance, that they are safe to use and will withstand the environment where they will reside. Depending on the product, the factory production control must also be certified. Let us reduce the stress of this tedious but essential process. Our experts can take over all the documentation and oversee the entire process for you.

Meeting quality standards opens the door to the EEA

The CE mark indicates that construction products meet quality standards and can be trusted to perform to specifications. With a CE mark, all EU countries allow the sale of your construction products. However, the difference between construction products and other products is that there are in additiona national standards and legislation that needs to be taken into account to know if your product can be legally sold to that specific country. You or your distributors can trade your product in any EU country using the same documentation.

Comprehensive Services

Zatisfy’s team can handle the process of CE marking for you. Some of the services include performing testing, and preparing documents like the Declaration of Performance, CE Mark, Instructions and Safety manual.

We can also work together with you and a Technical assessment body to use the European Technical Assessment (ETA) route to CE mark your product, even if it does not fall under a harmonised standard (hEN).

Expert Consultation

To guide you through this maze of paperwork, we partner with you during the pre-testing, testing, and certification of your line of construction products.

Our extensive network of CE marking professionals will expedite the process for you.

AVCP systems

Applying a correct AVCP system is an essential step in CE-marking Construction products. Which AVCP system can be applied is dependent on several factors. We can assist you in choosing an AVCP and evaluate how the system has been implemented.