CE marking

The CE mark is mandatory for most products sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Turkey. It ensures a higher level of product compliance to safety. Our experts help simplify obtaining a CE Mark and conforming to the various technical requirements.

CE certification consultants

Distance sellers and manufacturers of products and equipment that want to market, sell or put into service a product in the European Economic Area (EEA) must have each product approved for the relevant EU legislation. 

The Zatisfy team has the expertise to assist you in approving (and CE marking) your products. Although the manufacturer carries the responsibility for all documentation, our experts will guide you through the process to ensure you have everything in order, saving you time and money.

We assist with (among others) the following products:

  • Machinery
  • Production Lines
  • Electrical Products
  • Toys
  • PPE
  • Medical Devices
  • Construction products

We help your business in 4 critical areas.

1. Technical File

A product’s technical file contains all relevant specifications, test reports, instructions for use, inspection certificates, and a declaration of conformity.

2. Declaration of Conformity

If a product needs to be CE-marked, the manufacturer declares that the product poses no safety threat to people, animals, and the environment under the applicable EU directives with this declaration. It can also be a Declaration of Performance or Declaration of Incorporation, depending on the product type.

3. Authorised Representative (AR)

With the help of our dutch subsidiary, www.24hour-ar.com, we can act as your AR so that, if you are placed outside the market, you can sell the product legally in the market. As your EU point of contact, we will handle several essential responsibilities on your behalf. You will use our address on all packaging and labelling.

4. Tests and reports

Products must undergo testing for product compliance and conform to various directives for safety and quality. Our experts will guide you on product requirements lists, certification, packaging, labelling, and lab testing.

A Simplified 3-Step CE-Marking Process

Our fully accredited team can assist with design review and inspection of machine manufacturing. We fulfil the mandatory assessment and inspection requirements within all relevant directives.

Step 1
Requirement Analysis

The first step is to analyse the product to understand the relevant directives, regulations and standards it must comply with.

Step 2
Gap Analysis

We determine all the documentation necessary for your specific product. Then we compile a list of missing documents required to complete the package.

Step 3
Closing the Gaps

After the gap analysis, we will help you prepare any missing documents to make the CE marking package compliant and ready for approval.

Quick results the first time

The CE marking process is complex and requires many different documents. We have developed an organised, 3-step process to ensure your product can be CE marked without delay from mistakes or missing paperwork.


To get assistance with CE marking for your product, please enter your information. We will return your message within a day.

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