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CE marking & product safety

The CE mark or Conformité Européenne mark (European Conformity in French) is a product label that has been established by the European Commission (EC).

Knowledge base

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6 Reasons to Use Zatisfy’s CE Marking Compliance Services

  1. Freedom to Sell Anywhere in the EU Market
  2. Guarantees Products’ Conformity to EU Regulations
  3. No More Confusion Figuring Out EU Legislation
  4. One-Stop-Source for All Compliance and Testing
  5. Simplified Procedures Tailored to Your Business
  6. Get Answers to All Your Compliance Questions

A Simple and Proven Process for Product Compliance

Requirement analysis

The most important step for achieving compliance is finding the product’s requirements. In this step we analyze the product and find the relevant directives, regulations, standards and any mandatory registrations that needs to be made.

Gap analysis

When knowing the requirements, the next step is to determine the current status, which is done by comparing the product’s documentation with the requirements. Any discrepancy? This is a gap! After this step, you will know all the actions you need to take to reach compliance.

Close the gaps

After finding gaps, we need to close them. This is done by compiling the technical documentation, performing tests at test labs, creating the user instruction, doing any necessary registrations, and finally signing the necessary documents to comply with the legal requirements.
With these steps completed, you are ready to sell your products on the EU market.

Do you want to reach Compliance with these simple steps?

Need to learn CE Marking and product compliance?

Try our platform for compliance training. In it, you will find a course on the basics of CE Marking and courses for machinery safety and CE marking and more. We use proven methods of mixed learning where you combine e-learning with teacher-led training sessions and actionable homework for the very best learning experience.

What can you achieve

Complete CE marking assistance

Integrate CE marking into your development process to lower costs. The Zatisfy experts will work and consult with you to plan a compliance strategy so you can focus on selling in the EU.

Meet all EU safety standards

Regardless of the industry or product, your product will meet all relevant European product directives. With our expert guidance through the regulation process, you avoid sales stoppages, recalls, or fines.

Reusable methodology saves money

After using our services for the first project, you can reuse the templates and proceed on your own for future projects. The Zatisfy team is always here if you need help.

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Do you need a coach to guide your development team? We provide consultation services and CE Marking coaching for functional, automation, product, and plant safety.