Zatisfy delivers world-class service to manufacturers, importers, and exporters who want to sell their products in European Union countries.

Work with us!

We are always looking for new talent, but sometimes we look a little extra for people with special skills.

You will find current job listings below but if there are no listed jobs, you can always write a spontaneous application and send to [email protected]

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What do we offer?

  • Flexible working hours. It does not matter if you are a night owl or early bird, as long as you are available at meetings with your colleagues or customers, you work whenever you want.
  • Flexible workplace. We have nice premises but our work can in periods be carried out from anywhere, whether it is at home, in the mountains or in Spain.
  • Balance between leisure and work. We believe that you perform best if you feel good and feel good, you do it by having a meaningful free time and we encourage it.
  • Family first. Overtime is not something we strive for and of course you get time off for school graduations or whatever it may be.
  • Good salaries. Wages are market-based.
  • Nice premises. We are located at Lumaf business center in Umeå, Teg in bright and nice premises with a good location towards the center of the city and the airport.

Who are we?

We are a small consulting company with large international customers as well as small local startups that work with something that we think is very important, fun and interesting, namely product safety and product compliance. What we consider to be our mission is to inform, educate and consult our customers so that they can sell their products legally in the EU and that the products and production lines are safe and meet all relevant legal requirements. Our vision is to become a primary business solution for international and Nordic companies that want to sell products legally throughout Europe and we work to get there in many different ways.

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