CE marking for Machinery

Before importing or selling any machinery or equipment into the EU, you need to fulfil the CE marking requirements of (at least) the Machinery Directive.

Mobile Equipment Certification

Mobile machinery, also known as non-road mobile machinery (NRMM), includes a wide range of vehicles or machinery that works in off-road environments. 

All these machines must travel safely on public roads when they move from one location to another. A CE-marking helps to assure regulators that a specific machine is safe for the operator and the public.

You need CE Marking experts like us to help you navigate the varied requirements of the countries where you intend to sell or operate the equipment.

Agricultural Equipment

Pesticide sprayers, combined harvesters, forestry equipment.

Construction Machine

Cranes, earthmoving equipment, lifts, and trucks.

Gardening Equipment

Lawnmowers, rotary tillers, aerators, and tree removal machines.

Municipal Machinery

Street cleaning, snow removal, sewer cleaning equipment


To get assistance with CE marking for your mobile equipment, please enter your information, and we will return your message within a day.

Stand alone machinery

Machinery in industrial settings as well as handheld machinery needs to conform with a wide range of legislation. Machinery is one of the most complex product segments to CE mark. Likely, aside from the Machinery Directive, also EMC directive or even ATEX or PED are relevant legislation to consider.

With long experience from Machinery the Team at Zatisfy can ensure you identify and comply with all complex legislation before placing the machinery on the EEA market.


To get assistance with CE marking for your machinery, please enter your information, and we will return your message within a day.

CE marking to enter the EU market

The process for obtaining the CE-marking for machinery begins by classifying the machinery according to the Machinery Directive. Then, we identify which standards apply and use them to meet the appropriate Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSRs). Upon completing all safety requirements, we assemble the technical file, properly affix the CE mark, and create a declaration of conformity. 

Placing all the requirements in place will expedite the process so you can enter the EU market without delay.

Accelerate The Importation and Sales of Machinery in the EU

Zatisfy’s fully accredited team can assist with design review and inspection of machine manufacturing. We fulfil the mandatory assessment and inspection requirements within all relevant directives.

Specialised Service

Our team has 14 years of experience assisting manufacturers and importers to meet all relevant directives.

We can expedite your company’s compliance with the relevant product standards for your machinery.

Fast and Reliable

Our vast network of CE marking specialists will expedite most Machine CE marking certifications. We assist the completion of all safety requirements, assemble the technical files, Declaration of Conformity, and affix the CE mark properly.

Efficient documentation means you get your equipment to market on time.

Design Review

Don’t wait until you are ready to import your equipment to begin the CE application process. Bring in our experts during the design phase to help you avoid the pitfalls and delays that can plague CE marking projects. Design choices made early in the process can save you a great deal of time and money later.

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