Trainings for manufacturers, importers and distributors

Our trainings is meant for every one selling and desiging products intented for the EU market.

Our programs covers the fundamentals and further training for your role when it comes to obtaining CE marking and product compliance for specific products.


Do you want training that is tailored for your company?

Become a CE Marking guru with our web based trainings

The training methodology of the Zeducation platform has been tested and proven by thousands of students studying CE marking and other subject matter. With changes to the many directives, we continuously update the course. 

Zatisfy’s CE marking students continue to use the resources supplied with this course for as long as they work in the industry.

For a limited time only, the below training is offered free of cost:

The basics of CE-marking – Learn why CE marking exists and the basic laws that the CE marking build on.


Coming soon - We are constantly developing new courses and soon you will be able to enjoy training in the following exciting topics:

  • Learn how to sell imported products legally in the EU.
  • Machinery: Learn all steps you need to take to develop and sell a compliant and CE marked machine on the EU market
  • Learn how you evaluate that a Machine is compliant before you sign the Declaration of Conformity or Declaration of Incorporation
  • Learn how to make sure that a machine remains compliant throughout its entire lifetime

Register below and attend the free basic course in CE-marking and you will be among the first to know when they are available.

The fastest way to learn CE marking

Our courses uses a revolutionary, evidence-based training system combined with AI. Our CE marking training is effective at increasing your comprehension and retention. You will learn and remember more information. Our courses will help you move through the actual CE-marking process faster.

A CE marking library in your pocket

Evidence-Based Training (EBT) Maximises Performance

EBT used in the Zeducation CE Marking course is better than traditional learning methods. The AI automatically improves the course for new students

Customised Training

Everyone learns information in different ways. The built-in AI tailors the training to how you learn best. Ultimately it helps you speed up the learning process.

Learning Analytics

As each student moves through the course, the AI collects and analyses the data. It continuously improves the program based on how students learn.

Test-Enhanced Learning

Testing is the best way to understand what you know and what you don’t. It’s the most effective educational method, and you benefit from many short quizzes.

Spaced Repetition

CE marking is a complex subject. Using the spaced repetition technique helps you retain more knowledge faster.

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