How much does CE marking cost?

We often hear: “You don’t have to be responsible for it, but if you were to guess?” or “I know it’s like asking how long a string is but, how much will it cost?” It’s a completely understandable question. And because CE marking is often a legal requirement to be able to sell your product, […]

Forget about the CE marking in your development process

I have met many businesses through the years, and I have noticed a fairly clear trend. Many people are earnest and do much of the work to get a CE mark for their product. They have done a risk assessment (but maybe not documented it quiiite as they should…), they have checked standards (but maybe […]

What does CE marking really cost?

A classic question you might think is, what does CE marking of a product really cost? Well, as a consultant, one should be able to answer that, and at the same time, it is like answering how long a string is… Is it the EMC directive (EMCD) only, or is it the low voltage directive […]

CE Marking

CE marking The CE mark is mandatory for most products sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Turkey. It ensures a higher level of product compliance to safety. Our experts help simplify obtaining a CE Mark and conforming to the various technical requirements. Book a 30-Minute Free Consultation CE certification consultants Distance sellers and […]


Få hjälp med CE-märkning CE-märkning är obligatorisk för de flesta produkter som säljs inom Europeiska ekonomiska samarbetsområdet (EES). Det säkerställer en högre nivå av överensstämmelse med säkerhetskrav. Ta hjälp av våra CE-märkningsexperter till att förenkla processen av CE-märkning och överensstämmelse med de olika tekniska kraven. CE konsultering Försäljare och tillverkare av produkter och utrustning som […]