Finding An EU Authorized Representative

If your business is outside of the EU and you would like to sell your products there, you must use a local importer or an Authorised Representative (AR). This entity will be your liason between your business and any EU national authority.

The AR’s main objective is to speed up the process by meeting all the requirements and regulations to sell your products in Europe legally.​

Do Business Legally In The EU

To avoid legal pitfalls or the risk that your products get rejected, you must appoint either an importer or an authorised representative located in the EU. The AR becomes your local legal contact. 

Whether you are selling direct-to-consumer (B2C) to companies (B2B), regulations require printing a valid local address and point of contact on your product, packaging, and labelling. You may also add this address to the Declaration of Conformity if

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Click below to submit your questions. Our subsidiary, 24hour-AR, can answer all your questions. You can expect to hear from them within 24 hours.

An AR Expedites the CE- Marking Process

You must have an Authorised Representative when selling CE-marked (and other) products listed in the 2019/1020 regulation (such as medical device, toys, consumer products and more) when you are from a third country (outside EU). 

24hour-AR will act as your authorized representative on your behalf when dealing with EU or national regulatory agencies.

Prevent Customs from Blocking Your Products to the EU

If your product does not have an EU visible address, customs may open and return the package. As a result, Fulfilment Service Centres, such as Amazon, place a requirement on companies that use their platform to sign an AR to avoid unnecessary delays.

Sell Online or B2C

To sell online or import, you must use a valid economic operator address established in the EU. When you hire 24hour-AR as your Authorised Representative, you can legally use their address to sell in the EU in as little as 24 hours.

The 24hour-AR Team

When our clients require an experienced AR, we refer them to our subsidiary, 24hour-AR. The company has more than 25 years of experience in importation and CE Marking compliance of consumer products and medical devices.

Download the Guide

If you need a detailed guide to using an AR, go to this article, Authorised Representative: Full Guide. It provides you with the requirements and solutions to selling products in the EU and why an Authorised Representative can be a valuable partner.